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So you need to sell your Tucson, AZ, mobile home during winter. Does that mean, as many “experts” will tell you that you have to be prepared for a long process and a cut in the sale price? Nope, not at all. You can sell your home during the winter and at a decent price – if you know what you’re doing. Let’s take a look, then, at how to sell your mobile home during winter in Tucson.

Understand the Odds

The first thing you can do that will give you a leg up in your mobile home during winter in Tucson is understanding that the odds are in fact good. Knowing that many mobile homes/manufactured homes do in fact sell during the winter can give you an attitude boost. And going into any endeavor with the right attitude is half the battle.

So here are some things to consider . . .

Sales Statistics

You’ve probably heard that spring and early summer ate the best times to sell a home. That’s true, but selling during the winter isn’t as bleak a prospect as some would have you believe – and, in fact, it may be the best time in some areas.

Millions of homes, including mobile homes, are sold during the winter nationwide. Nationwide sales stats for home sales between 2011 and 2018 show an average of about 1.76 million sales in January and 1.69 million in February.

Motivated Buyers

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Another thing in your favor when selling your mobile home during winter (even, or especially, if you need to sell a Tucson mobile home fast) is that buyers are often more motivated.

First, during the winter months, people aren’t pulled in as many directions by all the summer activities like going to the lake, vacationing, and keeping up with kids’ activities. And, typically, winter mobile home buyers want to get in and get it, usually looking for a quick closing.

Season-less Digital

Also, people selling mobile homes/manufactured homes during the winter have the same marketing advantages as those selling at any other time. Almost all buyers begin their home search online and actually view a potential mobile home only in the final stages. As any Tucson mobile home buyer can tell you, digital knows no seasons.

Winter Destination

And people selling mobile homes in the Tucson area have a huge advantage because Arizona is a winter destination, experiencing a sizable influx of mobile home buyers and mobile home residents just prior to and during the winter. Owing to this phenomenon, winter-destination areas like Tucson, AZ, often see more demand during the winter.

Your first step then to sell your mobile home during winter in Tucson is to be aware of these points and leverage them accordingly.

Top Tips for Selling Tucson, AZ, Mobile Homes During Winter

Now, when it comes to the actual selling process for Tucson manufactured homes during the winter months, there are a few aspects that you absolutely must get right. These are . . .

Pricing Your Mobile Home

The first and perhaps most important thing involves pricing your mobile home right. Selling manufactured homes is really about finding the right price – a competitive price that allows you to get a decent price and that keeps your mobile home from languishing unsold on the market for a length of time.

But pricing mobile homes is a different animal from pricing traditional site-built homes.

Manufactured homes – just like your car or boat, but unlike (typically) site-built homes – depreciate over time and become worth less. But if your mobile home sits on land your own, you have to factor into the pricing equation the fact that land usually appreciates.

So pricing, then, means that you have to consider two different things. And that means sellers typically have to spend several hundred dollars on appraisals and CMAs.

Listing and Marketing

Also, if you want to sell your mobile home during winter in Tucson, you’ll usually need to list it, and you’ll always need to market aggressively. The difficulty here lies in directing your efforts at your exact target market. For mobile home buyers are a different market segment from traditional home buyers.

Again, success here usually lies in hiring an experienced agent who knows the local market and has experience in marketing mobile homes. Even if you decide to eschew an agent and do an FSBO deal, you’ll still encounter difficulties. If your mobile home is in a park, the biggest of these difficulties is the park/owner management will have some say in and control over how you sell your home and to whom you can sell.


The final step in the transaction is closing if you’re selling a mobile home with land. After finding a qualified buyer and getting an acceptable offer and after the buyer actually secures funding, inspections will take place (unless, of course, you get a good cash offer from a Tucson mobile home buyer). And then closing takes place, much the same as it would for a traditional home. And that means a complex process with other professionals involved – title companies, escrow companies, real estate attorneys, and so on.

If, however, you’re selling the mobile home by itself, finalizing the transaction will be much simpler. In this case, the transaction will proceed much like it would in selling, say, a car.

Either way, though, in selling a mobile home in winter, you have to get to the end of the process so that money can exchange hands and the title is transferred. Because mobile home sales in winter often take place at a faster pace, it’s essential that you get the closing right to avoid legal issues down the road.

How to Sell a Tucson Mobile Home Fast During the Winter

Now, if all this sounds like a complex process and a lot of headaches, well, that’s because it usually is. There is, though, an easier and simpler option for selling during the winter, especially if you need to sell your Tucson mobile home fast. And that better option is to use a trusted mobile home buyer in Tucson that can guarantee a fair offer, allow you to choose the closing date, and pay the costs involved in selling.

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