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Should You Use An Agent When Selling Your Tucson Mobile Home?

The decision to sell your mobile home is just the first of many decisions during the sales process. Next, you must decide just how you will sell, and the most common method naturally comes to mind, listing with a traditional real estate agent. An awareness of the standard operating procedures of real estate agents may … Continued

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How Much Is Your Tucson Mobile Home REALLY Costing You Each Month?

Suppose circumstances have caused hurdles that stand in the way of selling your mobile home, several. Once the numbers all come into focus, you will quickly see the financial consequences of delaying your sale each month for yourself.  Let’s take a moment to consider just how much your Tucson, Arizona mobile home is really costing … Continued

How to Level a Mobile Home in Tucson

Mobile homes (today known as manufactured homes) have many advantages over traditional site-built homes. They are often less expensive and offer a way for first-time buyers to get started as homeowners. They are, of course, mobile, so owners aren’t tied down to one location. And maintenance is often lower and less expensive than with traditional … Continued

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How to Fix a Sagging Subfloor in Your Tucson Mobile Home

It’s almost an inevitability in older mobile homes and even in some newer manufactured homes – that is, fixing or replacing a sagging subfloor. The subfloor is the wood under your flooring, the carpet or vinyl or parquet. In older mobile homes it was typically particle board, but in manufactured homes (the term now used … Continued

How to Choose the Right Offer When Selling Your Tucson Manufactured Home

Selling Tucson mobile homes (also known as manufactured homes today) is both like and unlike selling traditional site-built homes. Often, though, the differences outnumber the similarities. There are so many ways to sell a manufactured home that it’s difficult to know how to choose the right offer. So let’s examine some of those selling options … Continued

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4 Benefits of Selling Your Tucson Mobile Home to an Investor

When it comes time to sell a Tucson home, whether a mobile home or a traditional home, most people think first of the traditional sort of sales method and transaction involving an agent, listing on the MLS, offers and counter offers, and finally closing. But this isn’t the only way – and maybe not even … Continued

4 Things to Do Before Putting Your Mobile Home on the Market in Tucson

Selling manufactured homes (formerly known as mobile homes) is both similar to and different from selling traditional, site-built homes. The standard advice for pre-sale preparation still obtains, but after that, the differences begin to appear. Manufactured homes/mobile homes constitute a unique industry niche, and the target market is markedly different. So let’s take a look … Continued

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Why Selling a Mobile Home on Tucson MLS Is Not Always the Best Idea

Usually (though not always) selling a Tucson mobile home is a more involved and more difficult affair than selling a traditional home. But occasionally, when conditions are just right, it pretty much parallels the process of selling a traditional home, and everything is smooth sailing. And, typically, one of the steps in the process in … Continued

5 Tips For Selling Your Mobile Home Rental Property In Tucson

Selling your Tucson mobile home rental property may feel like a challenge. With tenants living in the home, it can be even more difficult. Utilize these tips for selling a rental property in our latest post! As a mobile home landlord in Tucson, there may come a time when you need to sell your rental … Continued

5 Tips For Selling Your Vacant Land In Tucson

Selling your vacant land in Tucson may be more profitable and lucrative than just holding onto it, waiting for it to appreciate. While land doesn’t cost much to own, it may not gain value as quickly as you would like it to. In our latest post, we offer tips on how to sell your Tucson … Continued