4 Benefits of Selling Your Tucson Mobile Home to an Investor

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When it comes time to sell a Tucson home, whether a mobile home or a traditional home, most people think first of the traditional sort of sales method and transaction involving an agent, listing on the MLS, offers and counter offers, and finally closing. But this isn’t the only way – and maybe not even the best way – to sell a Tucson mobile home.

Another viable and often better option for selling manufactured homes (the current term for mobile homes) is to sell to an investor. If you can find the right kind of investor, selling this way has several benefits. Let’s take a look, then, at the top 4 benefits of selling your mobile home to an investor, especially when that investor is a reputable Tucson mobile home buyer.

1. You Won’t Have to Pay for Repairs and Upgrades

The standard mobile home sale to a private buyer typically begins with the seller making needed upgrades and repairs to the mobile home. Before you put your Tucson, AZ, mobile home on the market, you will have to invest time and money in making it appealing to buyers, ensuring that it looks its absolute best and that everything is in top-notch working order. And very often, this prep work can run into several thousand dollars. Then, even if your mobile homes appraises for more, the expense can cancel out the higher sale price and even ultimately put less money in your pocket.

But when you sell your Tucson mobile home to an investor, you typically don’t have that expense. Investors will often buy manufactured homes as-is. The reason for this is that they aren’t really interested in the appearance, but rather in the financials. That is, their primary concern is whether a mobile home will make them money when they resell it or rent it. In selling to an investor, the sale price may be a little lower, but your profit will likely be higher because you don’t have to dump a bunch of money into making repairs.

2. You Won’t Have to Suffer Through Showings

Another benefit (a very attractive one for busy or introverted sellers) of selling your mobile home to an investor is that you won’t have to deal with the headache and hassle of showings. No one really enjoys having to carve time out of their busy schedule to allow perfect strangers to traipse through and poke around their home.

Typically, investors will take one quick look, do the math, and then make an offer. You won’t have to worry about keeping your home spotlessly clean and pristine looking all the time because you never know when buyers will request a showing. You also won’t have your evenings and weekends interrupted with showings. The time savings can be enormous over the course of the sale process.

3. You Won’t Have to Worry About Buyer-Financing

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A further important benefit of selling to an investor, especially if you are operating under time constraints, is that you will be free from buyer-financing worries and delays. Even if a potential buyer has been pre-approved, that’s still no guarantee that she can get financing. Her financial situation may have changed between pre-apporval and offer. For sellers, there’s almost nothing as disheartening as getting a good offer and then waiting and waiting, only to find out the buyer’s financing fell through – and then having to go through the whole process all over again.

Almost always, investors have or can get the money to back up their offer. Buying mobile homes is a business for them, and that means having on hand or having ready access to the necessary operating capital. And they can get it to you a lot quicker because they don’t have to wait to see if a lender will grant them a loan. Just make sure, though, that you are dealing with an experienced Tucson mobile home buyer with a solid track record of following through on offers.

4. The Sale Process Is Easy, Simplified, and Expedited  

The inherent ease and speed of the sale when selling to an investor is an outstanding benefit if you are in a position where you need to sell your Tucson mobile home fast. You can avoid the typical 45-day day escrow period (which usually involves inspections, appraisals, mortgage approval, and more) and can often close within just a few days.

Some of the aspects of selling to an investor that makes things easier and faster include:

  • Reduced or no escrow period, which can result in closing within a week
  • Drastically simplified transaction that doesn’t require things like repairs and inspection contingencies
  • An all-cash offer, which eliminates the wait for buyers to secure financing and the delaying effects of a low appraisal
  • Flexible timeline and more control because a buyer isn’t calling the shots

Even if you don’t need to sell your Tucson mobile home fast, that last item is still important. For when you sell your mobile home to an investor, the inherent flexibility affords you the opportunity to get more things the way you need them. For example, you may be able to leave some items you don’t want in the home, and you can usually choose a closing date that works best for you and your schedule (which, of course, can be a huge benefit for those who need to sell fast).

A Tucson Mobile Home Buyer You Can Count On

The benefits, then, of selling your Tucson, AZ, mobile home to an investor are pretty substantial – no expense for repairs/upgrades, no showings, no buyer-financing worries, and ease and speed of the sale. These are some pretty compelling benefits – especially if you need to sell your mobile home fast. And it gets even better when that investor is a top-notch Tucson mobile home buyer.

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