How to Choose the Right Offer When Selling Your Tucson Manufactured Home

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Selling Tucson mobile homes (also known as manufactured homes today) is both like and unlike selling traditional site-built homes. Often, though, the differences outnumber the similarities. There are so many ways to sell a manufactured home that it’s difficult to know how to choose the right offer. So let’s examine some of those selling options to see how to choose the right offer when selling your Tucson manufactured home.

Ways to Sell Manufactured Homes In Tucson

There are three basic options for selling Tucson, AZ, mobile homes. And the main determining factor is whether you own the land the home is on (in which case it is considered real estate) or don’t own the land (in which case you sell it as personal property). Consider . . .

Selling as Real Estate

When you own the land your mobile home is situated on and you’re selling the land and home together, you will be engaging in a full-blown real estate trasaction. Selling this way is typically more complex and more legally involved and often requires the services of a real estate agent. The upside, though, is that in this kind of transaction, sellers don’t have to worry about park rules and tegulations.

Selling as Personal Property

If, howver, you don’t own the land the mobile is own, you will likely be selling it as personal property (or chattel). In this case the transaction proceeds much as it would for the sale of, say, a car or a boat.

The difficulty in selling Tucson manufactured homes as personal property lies primarily in the fact that most of the time this kind of transaction involves a mobile home in a park. And this means that the park owner/manager will be involved to some degree and will have a say in whom you can sell to and how.

For one thing, the park owner often has the right to the first refusal. This means that the owner has the right to buy your mobile home at a price matching that offered by an outside buyer. But even if the park owner doesn’t exercise this right, you’ll still have to make sure a buyer can meet the park’s rules and regulations.

Selling to a Tucson Mobile Home Buyer/Investor

Another option for selling a manufactured home is to sell to a buyer/investor. This is often a good route for people who need to sell a Tucson mobile home fast. But there are some pitfalls to watch out for.

Investors are typically looking for a great deal so that they can turn around and make money on the manufactured home. The practical result is that investors will try to lowball you on price. A much better option is to sell to a reputable Tucson mobile home buyer, one who you will give you a fair cash offer.

Kinds of Manufactured Home Transactions and Offers

Mobile home transactions and the offers involved can take several forms. But the majority of them involve selling without the land, that is, as personal property. Below is what you’ll most commonly encounter . . .


If you don’t need the full sale price upfront, you can choose to sell on a payment plan. In essence, you will be the bank, and you’ll carry the note for the buyer. This is a common arrangement, but there are, of course, risks involved.

So to mitigate that risk, there are few things you’ll need to do:

  • Check out the buyer’s payment and employment history
  • Get a sizeable down payment
  • Draw up a document that clearly states all the terms
  • Have penalties in place for late payments
  • Include a clause in the agreement stating that the home must remain in its current location

To the Park

Another common arrangement, especially for those who need to sell fast, is selling your mobile home back to the park. In most cases, parks don’t want homes removed and so are willing to buy from you. You can make a quick sale to people you already know.

Another plus here is that the park management will usually take care of all the onerous paperwork involved. The downside, though, is that you may not get as good an offer for your manufactured home as you’d like – because, really, the park is in the driver’s seat in these scenarios.

Cash Mobile and Manufactured Home Buyers In Tucson

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As we mentioned previously, you can also sell to a Tucson cash mobile home buyer. You get the full sale price in one lump cash sum, and it’s often a speedy transaction. But, as we also pointed out, many cash buyers will want to pay less than market value, especially when sellers are in a vulnerable financial position.

An experienced trusted Tucson mobile home cash buyer is the way to go here. Just be sure to check with the manufactured home community to ensure you remain in compliance with all the regulations.

Speed of Manufactured Home Sale

Another very important consideration in determining the right offer for many sellers is how fast they need to sell, for example . . .

If you have, say, three to six months to sell, you’re in good shape. You’ll have plenty of time to market, vet buyers, and choose the right offer. You can list your manufactured home on listing sites like the  MLS, or you can advertise for a cash offer. Basically, you’ll have time to do whatever best meets your needs.

But if you need to sell within 90 days or less, things get a little harder. Most of the time, buyers in this situation are facing eviction or foreclosure and need to sell as soon as possible. The chief difficulty, then, lies in avoiding taking the first offer that comes along. Sellers who need to sell their Tucson mobile home fast often wind up accepting a lowball offer simply for the sake of speed.

Another thing to consider about a fast sale is that you typically won’t have the time (or often the funds) to make the necessary repairs and upgrades. And if you fail to do this, the sale price will be lower than it otherwise would be. Again, this is a situation in which you should probably seek out a reputable, professional cash buyer.

A Sure Way to Get a Fair Offer

So what’s the best option and how do you choose the right offer when selling your manufactured home? The answer is . . . it depends. The right offer depends on all the conditions and circumstances we’ve delineated above.

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