How to Find the Right Buyer for Your Mobile Home in Tucson

It’s time to make a change and move out of your current Tucson mobile home. Whether you’re planning to buy a different mobile home, rent a house or apartment, or purchase a home or condo, you’re looking to sell what you have now. After you’ve got it all fixed up and ready to list, the challenge is how to find the right buyer for your mobile home.

Mobile home buyers, like buyers of traditional homes, come in two basic types:

Cash Mobile Home Buyers

Cash buyers are the most desirable of all mobile home buyers.

They’ve got the money in hand and can purchase your mobile home outright. There’s no dealing with monthly payments or banks, and the transition from you to the buyer is typically very smooth.

However, because cash buyers are usually in high demand, finding one for your mobile home may be a feat.

Payment Mobile Home Buyers

These buyers often can put down a down payment and then pay off the remainder of the cost of the mobile home in monthly payments. Sometimes, these monthly payments are made to a bank in the form of a loan or mortgage, but they also can be made directly to you.

Payment buyers typically are more plentiful, but they’re seen as a higher risk for many sellers.

Ask around

The first step when you want to find the right buyer for your mobile home is to ask around and see if anyone’s looking. This saves you the time and expense of advertising or listing your mobile home.

Start by talking to friends and neighbors. Many of them may know someone who’s looking to downsize into a mobile home, change locations, or add a second property for rental income. Don’t skip this resource!

If your mobile home is located in a park, talk with your park manager to see if they know of anyone. Chances are, they’ve gotten a couple of calls recently of someone looking to purchase a mobile home that’s already got roots in a park.

How to Find the Right Buyer for Your Mobile Home in Tucson: Advertise

If you haven’t had any bites asking around, you’ll need to start advertising to find the right buyer for your mobile home.

There are a variety of resources at your fingertips, with some listing your sale for free and others costing you a fee. If money is an issue, start with the free resources and work your way up if you’re not experiencing success, but realize that you’re more likely to find solid, qualified buyers through paid listings.

Some advertising resources to try include:

  • tucson mobile home for saleFor Sale Signs: Post a For Sale sign in front of your Tucson mobile home, and at strategic locations around your area. Include your phone number, as well as basic details about your mobile home – size, price, whether you’re looking for cash buyers only.

  • Facebook, Craigslist, or other online marketplaces: These listings are widely available to people not only in your immediate local area, but also all over the world, so you may be able to snag someone looking to relocate. Be sure you include a description of all your mobile home’s features as well as photos, and a reliable way that interested parties can contact you.

  • Newspapers: These ads will likely be the most expensive of the channels to try, but they can reach a pretty wide audience. Include the same information you would on the sign, and keep your description short to save money.

Verify Funding

Once you’ve found someone who is interested in buying your Tucson mobile home, especially for cash, verify that they have all the funding in place before you begin drawing up paperwork.

This protects you from putting time and money into drafting documents when the buyer will just back out and helps you be sure the buyer is serious.

Finding Mobile Home Buyers in Tucson

At We Buy Mobile Homes in Tucson, we know it isn’t always easy to find the right buyer for your mobile home. That’s why we aim to help you through the whole process, saving you time, frustration and money. Contact us today to get started!

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